Lewis Pence

lewis-penceWe respectfully dedicate this web site to Lewis Pence who was a sheep shearer that trained Border Collies and won International Border Collie competitions all over the United States. Without his unselfish sharing and practical insight he had so generously shared, the competition of the loose-eyed dog would not have evolved to what it is today.

He was the first man to reach his hand out to help individuals understand all herding breeds and learn about herding competition.

Because of this love for all herding stock dogs, Lewis would travel several times each year to our farm in Colorado (for gas money only). His insight, guidance, and encouragement enhanced people’s ability to successfully train loose-eyed dogs for herding competitions.

Lewis enjoyed people and helped them with any breed they had. He never had a bad word to say about anyone or any breed. He encouraged us to promote all breed herding.

We are deeply grateful for the profound influence he had in our lives and in training dogs to successfully compete. We have had the good fortune to pass his ideas on to others.