Jerry Rowe

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Twin Creek Farm

Twin Creek Farm is located in Osborne, Kansas, approximately 30 miles north of Interstate-70. The facilities offer stock and indoor arena for training, plus lodging if needed. Contact Sharon Rowe to make arrangements for your private training session or next event.

Jerry Rowe’s Sheep Herding Camp

Two- to five-day camps are offered at Twin Creek Farm in Osborne, Kansas. Click here for more information.


DVD Training

  • Disappointed when your dog runs to the gate as if saying, “I’ve had it!”?
  • Struggling to reach the next level in your training?
  • Looking for a clear, effective method to make the most of your herding dog’s ability?

The Common Sense Approach to Herding reveals answers to these questions and much more in this 4-part DVD series! Click here for more information.


Jerry may be available for travel to a clinic being hosted in your area. Contact Jerry to make arrangements.

Instant Video Streaming

Several videos from Jerry are available through on-demand streaming. Click here for more information.

Judge Services

Jerry is a registered judge for AKC, ASCA, USBCHA, CKC, AHBA … Contact Jerry to offer an invitation to judge at your next event.


nationals-jerry-closeupSince the early 1960s, Jerry has been involved with many aspects of dog training including conformation, obedience, stockdog trials, and working ranch dogs. His trial accomplishments span the history of stock dog trials as they have evolved for over 60+ years.

Jerry was involved in breeding Australian Shepherds from the early 1960’s to 1982. He and Dick Sorensen started the JBARD kennel in the 1960’s. In the 1970s Dick married Leslie, and together they started Colorado Kennels and Jerry kept the J Bar D kennel name.

The first cattle, sheep, and duck trial was held at Jerry’s farm in Broomfield, Colorado, in the 70s. The idea of herding ducks came from Marilynn Little who used her dogs to herd ducks and goats. He felt that if people lived in town, and could not have livestock, they could at least have some ducks to train their dog to herd, thus promoting the herding for all people and all-breeds; not just farmers and ranchers.


After attending one of Jerry’s trials in Colorado in the 70s, Bob Carrillo, a rancher from California, decided to set up a trial at his country fair. Bob found 7 dogs that had enough control to put on the program. They would herd sheep and cattle in the trial. He also had dogs demonstrating obedience, performing tricks and Jerry and Commanche were to put on a duck herding demonstration. Jerry was also one of the 7 who competed in the trial at Petaluma, California, where he placed third. Be sure to have Jerry tell you about his duck demonstration sometime! This started trialing in California.


Jerry gave one of the first all-breed stock dog clinics in Davis, CA which was hosted by Betty Nelson. In addition to clinics, he gave demonstrations for herding dogs at many county fairs, dog events, and rodeos.


Winners of the First Invitational Trial held in Santa Rose, California. From Right to Left: unknown person, First Place–Leslie Sorensen (Sorensen’s Cherry Brandy), Second Place–unknown person (Hartnagle’s Leslie), Third Place–Jerry Rowe with Rowe’s Commanche Warrior, Fourth Place–David King (King’s Troy), Fifth Place–Bob Carrillo (Carrillo’s Jenny), Sixth Place–Charlene Jeffreys (Jeffreys’ Shade), Seventh Place–Colleen Gage with Gage’s Cookie B. Courtesy of Rowe


Jerry and Rowe’s Commanche Warrior – Winning Best of Breed

Jerry and his dog Rowe’s Commanche Warrior won High Combined Aussie three years in a row – 1973, 1974, 1975. This lead to the development of the Commanche Award, a traveling trophy. Many of the top herding Aussie’s names are engraved on the trophy which is currently on display at Twin Creek Farm.

Jerry was instrumental in starting the Australian Shepherd Club of Colorado. He also served in many capacities including: being an officer, serving on committees and helping write the first breed standard for ASCA.

While living in Colorado, Jerry had students with many herding breeds. His methods of training involve working with the animals to get the most out of them by enhancing their natural instinct without using force. He does not believe pushing the dog faster than it can comprehend.

Jerry and Sharon have been married for over 60 years and raised 3 kids and currently have 8 grandsons and nine great-grand children. They currently have 4 Aussies. They all enjoy going to trials when they are not judging or giving clinics. Jerry travels throughout the year judging for ASCA, AKC, CKC, and USBCHA.

In 1998, Jerry and Sharon purchased a farm in Kansas that is perfectly suited for training dogs, raising sheep and establishing a training center. This is fulfilling another dream they have always had – “To bring small groups together to train their dogs in a vacation atmosphere.