The Duck Bone

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The Duck Bone

Dogs and Ducks Have You Herd?

The Duck Bone, the first in the Dogs and Ducks Have You Herd? Training Series, demonstrates how to introduce a dog to work with ducks in a controlled manner. Join Joyce Norris as she teaches how to train dogs to herd ducks with a method that produces amazing results! Both handler and dog are more relaxed knowing the ducks are not going to get away. This video teaches skills that can help develop the dog’s best herding traits.

The Duck Bone method allows for a unique training concept that can be utilized in a variety of locations. Demonstrated with beginning to advanced dogs, this video features various herding breeds.

Working with ducks requires a lot of finesse and precise movements for the dog and the handler. Think of it as herding in slow motion! Success varies for each person and dog, however, following this series the handler should be equipped to perfect their handling skill and able to use all the commands for working and trialing on sheep, cattle, and ducks for AKC, AHBA, or ASCA courses. 





joyce-hat-flipPresenter, JOYCE NORRIS, (AKC Breeder of Merit) has been breeding Border Collies under the name NORWOOD, since 1985 to participate in performance events such as Herding, Obedience, Agility, Tracking, and Therapy work. She lives on a 70-acre farm in southern Illinois and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Southern Illinois University. Joyce began herding in 1996 and trials AKC, AHBA, and ASCA attaining Championships and Masters in all three venues on Cattle, Sheep, and  Ducks.  Known as the “Duck Lady,” she has been raising, training, and leasing her Call ducks for trials and sharing her duck knowledge through articles, video, clinics, and herding demonstrations all over the United States. A trainer of various breeds, Joyce has been an AKC and AHBA judge since March 2006.


“What a great idea and technique. Joyce’s Duck Bone is a novel idea that is easy to build and has a place in training. I like it and I’m happy I bought the video!” -BH

“The technique is simple to implement. The dog and handler’s confidence builds from the very beginning. A lot can be accomplished in a short period of time using this technique…” -JB

“This is the single most positive introduction to herding ducks you can possibly get! As one who raises ducks and has seen what can go wrong, Joyce Norris’ easy, straight forward, expert and positive approach with her ‘should be patent’d’ “dog bone” method is nothing short of stellar! I’ve seen Joyce demonstrate this method at clinics and it is just phenomenal on all ages and breeds! So happy this is available to own!!!!! Just awesome!” -LZ

“I have used this method with Joyce and I really like it. It makes you and your dog think. Both you and your dog can relax and think because you know the ducks are not going to escape.” -TB