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Rating the Stock [FREE Video]

From the Coffee with Jerry Series

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ENJOY THE VIDEO – Rating the Stock!  

Click on the image below to play the video [duration 4 minutes] – Rating the Stock explains the theory of teaching a dog to rate the movement of the livestock when moving it from one place to the other. This video will make it easy to understand how to train your dog to rate stock. Please note that this 4-minute video link is active for 1 hour. If your time expires, please feel free to submit the form to receive a new link.

ABOUT JERRY – For over 50 years, Jerry Rowe has been developing a method for training dogs. His experience as judge, trainer, and competitor have given him the uncanny ability to explain a simple and natural approach to herding that allows the dog to think while building a solid foundation for you and your dog. (more about Jerry)

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